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What We Love About Our Loungewear

This year The Hidden Script launched an upgrade to the Classic Black loungewear collection. Let's take a moment to dive into the differences between the two!

Manufacturing : 

The first set was manufactured by Gildan Activewear Inc. They specialize in hoodies and athletic apparel, bringing ease of production and a high level of quality to our customers. 

This new collection is 100% customized from initial design to finished product. Working with an international manufacturer created a unique experience like none other.

Every detail, from fabric choice and measurements to even the minutiae like the color and size of the aglet, was intentionally chosen and evaluated for quality. For example, our one centimeter drawstring was custom dyed to match the red accents and logo. A gold metal clamp aglet was chosen to match the warm toned colors. 

The new collection has The Hidden Script logo size tag, designed in conjunction with our manufacturers, compared to the Classic Black set, which contained a Gildan tag.


Classic Black (CB) was made with a heavy-weight Gilden cotton blend, while The Dipped in Red Collection (DIR) is made of a custom 80-20 cotton polyester blend. Each DIR piece is fleece-lined for extra comfort and added warmth.

Pops of Red: 

This new collection takes on gorgeous pops of red for a striking look. The DIR hood is lined with red fabric, and inside the kangaroo pouch, you'll find the same smooth red material. Our two-pocket joggers taper at the ankles to red ribbed elastic cuffs that match the red-accented wrists. 

Bold Logo: 

Along with pops of red, even our logo got a new twist. The Classic Black set had a vintage wash logo with open letters that gave the design a subtler retro aesthetic. The Dipped in Red Collection has a vibrant, fully colored screen printed logo that has been resized and reworked to beautifully completes the design. 



In conclusion,

Whether you prefer the subtle and sleek or the vibrant and bold, you're sure to love your new loungewear set! And now that winter is in full swing; the added fleece lining is sure to keep you warm all season long.

Let us know in the comments below what were you surprised to learn about the new Dipped in Red collection? 


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