The Hidden Script Character Line Up!

The Hidden Script Character Line Up!

This past month I shared the latest character designs for the book with our email list and on  Instagram. Here's the rundown on the cast, including some fun facts so you can get to know them.
Eibo character design, red afro with shorts, hands in pockets, and five facial renders


pronounced (AYE-BO)

Eibo is the eldest of the group. He's a fiery and spirited natural-born leader, making him the obvious choice for lead king. However, he mysteriously stepped down from head kingship at the last minute.

This hard-working fellow is full of laughs and good cheer. When he's not sparring or training, he enjoys a hot slice of cherry pie with a cup of coffee or tea. His mother always baked cherry pie growing up. Her spiced nutmeg crust and vanilla-infused cherry pie promptly became the household favorite and a party staple.



Janeen in her pink shorts, long sleeved shirt  and four expressions of her face


pronounced (JUH-NEEN)

Janeen is a sweet-hearted foodie full of charisma. On several occasions, her charming nature has saved her and is especially useful to deescalate conflicts. Also, her generosity and kindness have garnered her favor with strangers and made it easy for her to forge alliances. 

Janeen loves strawberry ice cream, which is only natural given that strawberry is her favorite fruit. Bring her a strawberry-flavored treat if you want to make her day, whether it be a piece of candy, jumbo slushie, or a slice of strawberry shortcake, with extra whipped cream and strawberries. That bit will guarantee to get you on her good side in a pinch.



Kiru standing with one hand in pocket, another hand holding a book with 5 drawings of his face - profile, front view, 3/4 view, down facing view


pronounced (KEY-ROO)

Kiru is calm, collected (for the most part), and introverted. He's used to laying low and doing his own thing. Until a few days before Induction, Eibo makes quite the last-minute request. Now he's suddenly the lead king and has to rise to the occasion. 

When not in the spotlight, he enjoys snacking on popcorn. Growing up, Kiru often stayed up late with a bowl of microwave watching old sitcoms on tv, garnishing his popcorn with salt, butter, or powdered cheese, but never sweetened.



Yahri, 4 expressions and him standing with a jacket and a beanie


pronounced (YAH-REE)

Yahri is a free spirit, never one to be unnecessarily bound to conventions, though that doesn't mean he's unkind. Yahri cares deeply about those around him despite the tough exterior and will fight for those under his protection. 

 On the other hand, there are those moments when he's not even trying to start trouble, yet trouble seems to find him. Yahri loves a great meal with chocolate cake as dessert. When he's not on the move, he's quite the homebody.  



To see these characters in action, be sure to grab your copy of The Hidden Script Enter The Kingdom! 


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The Hidden Script Character design line up

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