International Sweatpants Day 2022

International Sweatpants Day 2022

International Sweatpants Day started back in 2010 to celebrate being comfortable in sweatpants without feeling embarrassed. 

We often praise getting glammed up in the fanciest dress or trimmest suit, but today is a day to recognize all the perks that come with sweatpants. 

Perks of Sweatpants:

The loose design of sweatpants makes it easy to move around, compared to jeans and other constricting fabrics. Additionally, they protect your skin from the elements when exercising outside and provide a bit of cushion if you accidentally fall.

It's easy to stay warm in fleece-lined sweatpants, and there's ample room to layer up. Joggers are a sleek alternative to sweatpants with a tapered ankle, allowing you to mix and match with items in your wardrobe for a sophisticated look. Sweatpants are also available in moister-wicking fabrics to keep you dry and cool.

Ways to celebrate:

– Lounge around your favorite sweatpants
– Look up style inspirations on Pinterest and plan your next look
– Donate unused or lightly used sweatpants to a shelter near you
– Take a selfie in your sweatpants
– Buy a new pair of sweatpants to add to your collection

Whether you're lounging at home or out running errands, sweatpants are a great way to add a bit of solace and ease to your day.

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