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Today is the palindrome of all palindromes! This calendar date is identical when read backwards and forwards.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime date. The last time we had all ones was in 2011 on Saturday, January 1st (1/1/11), Tuesday, January 11th, (1/11/11), Tuesday, November 1st (11/1/11), and Friday, November 11th (11/11/11).  

This month we had all twos on Wednesday, February 2nd (2/2/22) and today! (2/22/22). The fact that this date falls on a Tuesday takes the cake! This is why today has been called TWOSDAY! 

Past Occurrences:

One's day kind of sounds like Wednesday, or you could make a case for a play on words for Monday, but none of the dates fell on either day. 

In eleven years, we'll have all threes on March 3rd (3/3/33), predicted to fall on a Thursday, but it won't sound as strong as Tuesday. Two's day has the perfect ring to it, which is what makes today incredibly unique!

A week to remember:

Best of all, this week is the start of a palindrome week where we can read all the calendar dates bidirectionally: 

  • Sunday, February 20th (2-20-22) 
  • Monday, February 21st (2-21-22)
  • Tuesday, February 22nd (2-22-22)
  • Wednesday, February 23rd (2-23-22)
  • Thursday, February 24th (2-24-22)
  • Friday, February 25th (2-25-22)
  • Saturday, February 26th (2-26-22)
  • Sunday, February 27th (2-27-22)
  • Monday, February 28th (2-28-22) 

Time is of the essence:

Not only is today a palindrome date, but you can take it up a notch with palindrome times! We get three chances today, starting this morning at 2:22 a.m., this afternoon at 2:22 p.m., and tonight at 10:22 p.m., which reads 22:22 using a 24hr clock (aka military time).

Ways to celebrate:

  • Double up and order two tacos for taco Tuesday! 
  • Take a two-person mini trip
  • Write with a #2 pencil today
  • Buy two drinks and share
  • Read with a friend
  • Take a time-stamped selfie at 2:22 PM (or go further and 22:22!)
    • BONUS: take a selfie with your twin!
  • Watch two movies with Movie Tuesday Deals
  • Listen to music with the number 2 or 22 in the lyrics
  • Take advantage of buy two shopping deals 
  • Celebrate St Lucian Independence Day
  • Play a two-person game like a video game or doubles tennis
  • Make a reservation for two at your favorite restaurant

No matter how you choose to celebrate be sure to take a moment and enjoy this day! 


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Twosday celebration list and ideas of what to do for 2/22/22 February 22, 2022

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