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Book Lover's Day!

Book Lover's Day 2022

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Calling all book lovers far and wide! Today is our day to celebrate and geek over all the great things about books. Books have been around for centuries and continue to impact our daily lives despite the rise of e-books.

Books are still prevalent in education, business, and our personal lives. Since the pandemic, Global English Editing Group reported a 35% increase in reading worldwide. While Publisher's Weekly reported an increase in book sales with fantasy and graphic novels dominating 2021. Reading is on the rise!

Ways to celebrate:

  • Visit a bookstore
  • Borrow a book from your local library.
  • Donate or gift a book
  • Try a new book from outside of your comfort zone
  • Like and interact with a book post on social media (Booktok and Bookstagram are great places to start)
  • Watch the movie adaptation of a book
  • Organize your bookshelf
  • Get comfy, hop on your couch, and catch up on some reading

This list is sure to keep you busy for the day, but if you're looking for more activities, check out the bonus tasks below!

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Bonus ways to celebrate:

  • Attend a book launch party 
  • Read with a child or young adult
  • Start a book club  
  • Post your current read 

Here's a bingo score card for you to keep track! (Be sure to pin this for later)

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